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Take a small break and Hike in Nepal

Hiking in Nepal is the cluster of tourism professionals and professional guides having long-term self-made work expertise within the Nepal tourism business. It is a member of the Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal, Nepal mountain climbing Association, Nepal Tourism Board and Kathmandu Environmental Education Project. The founder of Hike Nepal is Binod Mahat. We have a tendency to support conservation problems regarding the cultural heritage and nature of Nepal. Hike Nepal is committed to care and protect the mountain trekking in Nepal the Himalayas to form certain that its natural beauty & cultural heritage are often enjoyed. Additionally, we have a tendency to the lookout for each aspect trekking, travelling & ascension providing safety.

Why Hiking in Nepal?

We look after each traveller who is travelling with us.

  • Assured safely & Financial protection

We follow the renowned Provoke “Health is wealth”. The Hike Nepal can offer you healthiness services if required and safety anyplace. We have a tendency to take care of every and each traveller’s safety. And most of the issues we do not misuse your cash as a result of we have tendency to perceive how vital cash is. So we’ll offer you 100% financial protection.

  • Culture preservation

Our main slogan is to guard our culture, nature, and heritage. Conservation of culture will be our 1st priority and if you’re lucky enough then you may have the chance to look at or involve in cultural works.

  • Good food & Comfort

“Good food, Good life”. Travelling could be a fun issue however it makes us tired too. After travel, if we don’t have good food and luxury then our mood will swing. So we’ll offer you good food and a luxury zone for you to create your trip unforgettably and fun.

  • Environmental awareness & preservation

Many people travel and dirty the area by throwing garbage everyplace which can have an unhealthy impact on the atmosphere. But while travelling with us, that issue won’t happen. Therefore, we have a tendency to take care of the environment.

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