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Sri Lanka, located just southeast of India, is a hidden jewel of the Indian Ocean. Aside from its historic ruins, stunning beaches, and magnificent wildlife, the island country has many more stories to tell. From the Pearl of the Indian Ocean to the world’s oldest human-planted tree, here are 15 facts about Sri Lanka that you might not know to give you a taste of the fascinating local history and culture.

The beaches in Sri Lanka are certainly gorgeous, but what’s even better is seeing them without the people. You will frequently find yourself entirely alone. And there are a lot of beaches to pick from. Others are golden, some have smooth white sand, some have been battered by the wind and waves, some are relaxed, and some have a bustling party feel. Hikaduwa, Talalla, Mirrisa Marakollya, and Arugam Bay are among our favorites. Scuba diving, snorkeling and surfing are popular activities along Sri Lanka beaches. There are so many options for recreation here.

When to go to Sri Lanka. 

Sri Lanka is well-known for its delicious cuisine, whether for lunch, supper, or breakfast. The native curry, on the other hand, is unrivaled. For starters, curry is always the most affordable option. Also, Sri Lankans are quite skilled at preparing it! However, keep in mind that most of the time the spices are so delicious and flavorful.

The journey to the summit of Adams Peak, or Sri Pada, is the most magnificent walk in Sri Lanka. This is “a tiny Matterhorn that stands head and shoulders above the surrounding hills, creating a great feeling of sheer altitude” and is “one of Sri Lanka’s most stunning natural features, as well as one of its most renowned pilgrimage sites.”